Free Real Estate Agent Business Builder Mastermind Call

Are you a motivated real estate agent wanting to build a profitable real estate career in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas?

Dear Future Top Agent:

Would you like a business plan and blueprint that can help you get on a production fast track?

Could you benefit from a proven Top Agent Blueprint?

As you likely know, I have a passion for developing top producers. More of my agents are in the Top 10 Agent in the market than any other company. And, we have more agents in the Top 50 than any other company.

The key to growing a profitable career in real estate is to follow proven strategies. We provide the resources, systems, support and coaching to get you to the top.

I would be happy to meet with you and have a one-on- one conversation to help you design a business plan that will give you direction. Most agents have no idea how to get started on a growth plan so we will discuss a plan that fits your personality and helps you reach your goals sooner than later.

Selling real estate in Myrtle Beach can sometimes have its challenges.

Let’s mastermind together and make sure that you are on the path to building a career worth having.

My mission is to provide support that will help you sell more homes and help you reach your financial goals.

In our meeting, I will learn more about what you are looking to accomplish and can make suggestions. I will offer insight on how you can get there.

When we are done, you will have a plan of action in place to build your Myrtle Beach real estate career.

Our agent plans are designed to help you earn consistent commission and reward you with the freedom of having your own business.

Listen to what some agents say about working with me…

I found Greg through searching on YouTube and listening to his Level Up Podcast. I was so inspired that I called him and asked to join his company. I actually lived in Minnesota at the time but decided if I were going to be in real estate than it has to be with him. In my first 10 days of being licensed, I listed 5 properties.
Jason Wang

I joined forces with Greg years ago after a lengthy career in corporate America. My first year licensed yielded 40 closed deals, more time with my family and the beginning of a great career. Now I do over 150+ per year and have now partnered with Greg in developing agents and building new offices.
Brendon Payne

I closed 40 deals my first year. 85 deals my second year. 185 deals my third year. All I did was follow Greg’s system.
Kevin Mills

Greg and I met prior to finishing college. I got licensed, learned scripts and focused on executing the training and resources that are provided. Thanks to these resources, I average over 100 deals per year, am building a team and don’t have to work nights or weekends.
Mitch Gainforth

Before I started in real estate I researched it extensively. I looked at a lot of material especially in the area of generating. I looked at all the big time Coaching programs and after all my research I knew I had to go with Greg. Greg’s insight and understanding of the business and most importantly how to generate is unmatched. Period. I listened to everything he had to say. Watched every video he did and used the process he not only recommends but used himself successfully for years. I’m so glad I did it without being tainted by other “easier get rich quick” schemes. I did 41 deals my first full year. 71 deals my second year and now on to do between 125-150 deals this year. That because I learned Greg’s system and know how to generate. Once you learn that then you can scale as big as you want. I highly, highly recommend following Greg. No question.
Abe Safa

Why am I willing to meet with No Obligation?

I have been coaching real estate agents for over 15 years and I enjoy the process of helping others become top producers.

I am hoping to help you and through the process, you may like something you hear about my company and like to learn more. Of course, that may not happen and that is fine with me because that is not the intent of the conversation.

If you feel this will help, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can.

Go ahead and request the free one-on-one business strategy meeting with me.

We can meet at a Starbucks or anywhere you feel is best. If you feel more comfortable chatting on the phone then we can do that also.

Furthermore, in order to make our meeting more productive, I will email you a simple questionnaire to fill out so I can better advise you on business building strategies.

I look forward to helping your grow your business.

Free Real Estate Agent Business Builder Mastermind Call

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