You may be misunderstanding what ‘the daily grind’ truly means.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘the grind,’ or the phrase ‘grind it out’ in real estate? Often, the grind refers to the activity of prospecting. I was on a coaching call earlier today with one of my offices, and we were discussing the grind when it dawned on me that we may misunderstand what the grind truly is.

The grind is not the work we must put in daily; the grind is the consequences we suffer when we don’t follow our morning ritual. The morning ritual itself isn’t the grind, either—it’s the effects of trying to play catch-up. If you don’t keep a morning routine, you’re always behind, always thinking you’ll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow you don’t have the time.

The grind is also the guilt associated with not doing the things you need to do daily. If you aren’t doing what’s needed daily, you won’t get what you want out of your career, or earn the amount of money you want, or whatever your goal is. The true grind is suffering through a real estate career that’s not full of abundance because you didn’t do what was needed daily.

“Go out there and make things happen!”

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